These are links to samples of my writing, both semi-serious and comedy, short stories or plays. I should post more accurate or recent samples, but for now it serves as an outlet for things I don't know what else to do with. There's something to be said for having a web site for posting all your strange musings. If they're silly, I hope they make you laugh.

How Vernon Saved The World This simple story explains what can happen when aliens don't understand sarcasm

Something Under the Bed When I was little, I did have monsters living under my bed. Don't be like my parents and friends and say I didn't, either.

The Sound of a Sneeze The one nearly constant rule of short story writing is that it isn't done in the second person. This is. It has loose parallels to a Bible story, as do half the books written in the past two thousand years (I realize people haven't written novels that whole time).

Gone To The Dogs The story involving the evil ice cream man and my dog.

An Eventful Day This is a scene I thought of but had no larger story to fit it in, so I posted it here.

Body Talk This story is rather silly. It does, however, benefit from brevity. I would actually like to see this happen.

Crossing the Tutor Line This is just a short little story, takes place in one night, under 2000 words, based on a dream I had involving a person I know, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent (it was a dream, after all).

Waking Beauty This was written as an alternative to watching romantic movies on Valentine's Day. I confess, I'm not one for the classical romance. This is most certainly a variation (or violation) on a classic that many know and love. If it offends, something tells me you need to get out more.

Really Got Her Goat Sometimes you just have to write about people who have the characteristics of a goat, or your life isn't complete.

Look Who's Coming To Dinner This is a play I wrote many years ago. I don't know what it says about me (or, quite frankly, what I might have been thinking when I wrote it), but it might be frightening. It does involve genetically mutated giant rats, so there is hope for it.

Kelly Green With Envy This is a very short story. I believe there are moments where it proves (uneloquently) that the pun is the lowest form of humor (and some people will stop at nothing to sink to that level).

An American Hero Story This is a slightly longer short story--an exercise in absurdity rather than a serious attempt at writing a moving story. It uses redundancy for humor, not necessarily effectively, and has moments where I attempted to write very badly (and succeeded). It has no value outside of this web site, and its value here is debatable.

Reflections on Barbie Dolls Ever sit down and just write a stream of consciousness item, never print it on paper, and post your rough draft on a Web page? Here's proof that I have.