Refound Frog Friend

I met a frog that I once knew.
His eyes reflected the water's blue.
His toes were broken, his face was gone,
He got hit by a mower while crossing the lawn.


Trees are big
Trees are green
I ran into one
And ruptured my spleen

Trees are fun
Trees are nice
I climbed one once
But it had lice


Not Really an Apology

Just once,
I'd like to hear you say
Thank you.
Maybe someday
When I say I'm sorry,
You'll forgive me.
Maybe you'll look at
The things I've done
Instead of harping upon
That which I haven't.

I know you work,
But so do I.
I try as hard as I can
To maybe do something
You'll appreciate
But it's always in vain.

I'm sorry that I'll never be
Good enough for you.
I don't know what you
Expect from me,
But I am only human.
I'm sorry for the things
I'll never do,
But I'll never do them.
I can live with myself,
And I am proud of
Who I've become.
I only wish you were, too


All Over Now

It's over now
We said goodbye with a kiss.
It's over now
I heard the words pass through your lips.

And still it's hard to say goodbye
To the good times that we've had.
We've been through it all together,
Both the good things and the bad.
The walks on the beach by moonlight,
Strolling through the park in the rain,
Making love by candlelight,
Helping each other through the pain.

Kisses warm and tender,
Caresses soft and sweet,
All the loving gestures
Why did we have to meet?
Why does it always end this way,
With a kiss and a goodbye?
A sad smile on your parted lips
A teardrop in my eye.

It's over now
We said goodbye with a kiss.
It's over now
And you're the one I'll miss.