This is a picture of me looking either as if I'm deep in thought or as if I am incapable of thought. Depending on the moment, it could be either.



This is me with my dog, Leeuwenhoek. If I said he was my best friend, I'd be lying, but sometimes he's okay. Note the old-fashioned rotary phone in the background. There are children who do not know how to operate it. This frightens me.



Here are a couple of pictures I have taken. If you care to see them, click the link. If not, I will be glad I didn't waste your time waiting for the download.

NEW!! My hamster

NEW!! My fish

Flowers from My Own Garden(s)!

Monkeys from the Biodome, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Botanical Garden Pictures, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Another picture of me I wasn't sure about posting

These come complete with absurd and useless commentary.