There are some books here on religious topics, some dealing with grief, others dealing with general faith issues. If you are interested, I will give a brief description of each book below its link.

This book is reveiewed more fully here. The title says what it's about, character, who we are when we're not putting on a show to convince others how wonderful and perfect we are (hint: I'm not perfect, can't pretend to be...too hard of an illusion to maintain, too many people know the truth).


This book is mostly correspondence between a cancer patient and a pastor friend. It's not all light and breezy.

If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The Boat: I read a lot of theology. This book was sensational, one of the top two theology books I have ever read (watch for a link to the other in the near future) in that it got me to stop thinking about doing things, and actually do them. It's not enough to just know what ought to be done, or say "someone ought to do something," when I'm not doing anything. There is risk inherent in doing anything new, but without risk, I don't believe there can be rewards. We aren't all going to do the same things; we might even be doing opposite things. But unless we're doing what we believe in, I don't believe we can ever be happy.

This book deals with grief (as you might guess from the title, and is short and helpful. If you know someone who is grieving, or if you are grieving, this book will offer reassurance, and help you feel less lost. Sometimes we don't have to say anything, we just need to let people know we love them and will listen to them.

This is the other book that is in my top two favorites. It doesn't tell about the God who fulfills our wishlist, but more about the God who asks us to fill God's wish list. It offers challenges, which I certainly need more often.


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