Below are various links that will tell you something about me and the things I do.

Heart-Shaped Burn

Book Recommendations will be a satirical ezine when it is fully operational, as well as a site for serial fiction (Big Johnson Reddy is making a comeback)

 Photographs Small collection. They are of, about, or by me. I do not live in Montreal, I merely took a few pictures there.

Pictures of my dog, Quincy, when he was a puppy in 2004

Personal Interview The information contained on the other links here IS more interesting than that contained here. Here is where I interviewed myself. I ran short on questions, so feel free to tell me any others you'd like answered! This site has some inspirational writing, as well as photographs of some Christian drama written and performed by me and my writing partner. This is a site filled with fake comical advertisements.

Hideous Poetry Proof of why I do not make a habit of writing poetry. It is, without a doubt, horrible. Do not go here if you have a weak gag reflex or, seriously, if you have anything at all that's fun to do.

I have recently read this book. It is about white privilege, which is something a whole lot of people aren't aware of, but really ought to be. I recommend it highly.