Daydreaming Again

I'd love to meet you face to face
If just to see you smile
I'd love to spend some time with you
If just to talk a while

I only know about your face
From the pictures that I see
But to see you standing near
Would mean the world to me

If I could feel your strength
See the sunshine in your eyes
My life would be complete here
I mean, everybody dies


Roses Have Thorns

We say everything's coming up roses
But it's hard for roses to grow
When the ground is frozen
And the leaves are dead
When the sun won't shine
And the days are short
The icicles hang from the room
And the frost builds in our hearts
When everything's coming up roses
Don't forget that roses have thorns



We all fall short
Of our self-set goals
And some day we have
To accept the fact
That life will never be perfect
We can't be happy
Unless we cease to expect perfection
From ourselves and others

We'll live longer if only
We enjoy what we have


Love (yes, this is HORRIBLE, save yourself the pain and do not read it)

I thought I was in love
One time long ago
But it was only heartburn
Antacid cured it, though

I cried when I saw the movie
Of lovers killed in vain
Because their mortal pleasure
Had caused another pain

Love is such a silly thing
It seems a waste of time
The quest for ultimate passion
Ought to be a crime

All poems by Lisa Christine Svenson