In My Mind

In my mind
The dreams are perfect
I know exactly how my life goes
And where my life goes
And when my life goes
And sometimes my dreams are real
And reality leaves me
And everything is perfect
In my mind

In my mind
The days are perfect
Good days last forever
And bad days are quickly gone
The highs are like mountain tops
The lows are not much worse
And everyone loves me
And everything is perfect
In my mind

In my mind
My life is perfect
The sun is always shining
The rain only comes at night
Warm arms always hold me
I go to bed each night smiling
And cheerfully greet the dawn
And everything is perfect
In my mind

In my mind
The dreams are perfect
The days are perfect
My life is perfect
Some people say there's something wrong with me
But I'm happy to dream
And to make dreams my reality
And no one is hurt; and I can really live
And everything is perfect
In my mind



It's cold outside
Or maybe it's just in my heart
Shivers overwhelm me
And you sure do your part

Every ounce of my reason
Is telling me to leave
The goosebumps running up my spine
The heart upon my sleeve

I'm cold when I'm around you
Your kisses taste of ice
I'm losing in our bedroom
On every roll of the dice

Every time you touch me
Your hands feel just like stone
And it's when I'm near you
That I feel the most alone

Let's turn up the heat now
It's cold here in my heart
Show a little passion
That's the best place we can start


Words of Inspiration

This is to inspire you
At the times in your life
When you're feeling low.
When your yellow brick road
Has been paved
When your five golden rings
Have begun to rust
When your door of opportunity
Has a "Do Not Enter" sign
Think of me
And my whips and chains
And how I ease your pain


Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here?
We're at the end of
A one-way dead-end street
We can't go any further
And we can't go back
So where do we go from here?

You've used me as a footrest
And you've walked all over me
And now you want to wipe your feet
But believe me, it's not gonna happen

My friends all had to tell me
About how well I'd done
You were the best I'd ever met
And suddenly you were mine

I did learn how to hate you
The way you cheated and you lied
But now that I've said it's over
You won't let me go

So just where do we go from here?


All poems by Lisa Christine Svenson