My Main Man

Casting my eyes upon your gut
My true love, it is hard,
For when you laugh a hearty laugh
It shakes like a tub of lard.

Your eyes they sit inside you head
Where nostrils ought to be.
And through the nostrils in your chin
You manage to see me.

The hairs upon your fleshy chest
Number more than on your head.
The gloss upon your shiny lips
Is an unhealthy red.

The ample flesh upon your arms,
Your unsightly flabby thighs,
The hairs that grow between your toes
Are beauty in my eyes.

Others say that you are hideous--
Too ugly to behold,
But they are merely jealous--
That's what I've been told.

So plant a kiss upon my lips,
Gently stroke my cheek.
Stay with me now and forever,
Or at least until next week.

Morning Lisa

Early morning mist.
The breeze moves my hair.
Your eyes are beautiful
In the light of the sunrise.
A smile on my lips,
A hint of a frown on yours.
The touch of an assured hand,
The sun rises over the mountains.
A scent of roses on the breeze,
A bumble bee bumbles by.
A hint of pink on the cheekbone,
A brushstrokeand you're finished.


Uncertainty Principle

I know I've never been here before...
And yet I'm not so sure.
The names, the faces, these faraway places
All seem so close at hand.
I've never felt anything quite so real,
I'm sure this is a dream.
And the voices calling inside my head
Are right outside the door.


Picture Memories

Often times, late at night,
When I am alone
And long to be near you,
I roll over and see the picture
You gave to me.
It's a simple picture
Of the two of us
Drinking beer from cans.
But, it makes me smile.
And it makes me think
About why I left you.
And when I think about that,
I don't miss you any more.
Thanks for the picture.


All poems by Lisa Christine Svenson.