In The City

Cities appeal to me...raw energy, bodies, buildings...
I don't know what it is about them.
Poverty, affluence, filth, beauty...
all of it thrown together into one congested place.
I love seeing what people have made.
I love being where people are and where they've left their mark.
Nature is lovely and I enjoy it, but...
there's something about things people have constructed that works for me.
And standing in the subway station when it's hot and smells of urine,
it's foul but enticing at the same time.
You walk through the areas fast (elevators...people piss in elevators)...
but it's all just part of our warped human condition.

I need to smell the exhaust, the body odor,
see the homeless people and the fearless squirrels.
There's a part of my mind that needs to be warped,
to be drawn in and repelled at the same time,
And that part of me needs to be in the city.

A Happy Ending

The story always starts so well--
Once upon a time...
In a land of make believe.
And the girls are always pretty,
And the children always good.
And, sure, things go wrong...
Little things.
But there's always a Prince Charming,
Or a white knight
On a white steed...
And you can always have dreams
Or wish upon a star--
And your dreams always come true.
And there's always a happy ending.

And then the story's over.
And here I am.
No happy endings for me...

Never Think Drunk

I've been drinking
And thinking
Of time we
Spent together

I've been drinking
Still thinking
Of time we
Spend apart

I've been drinking
Always thinking
Of all the things you do

I'm still drinking
And I'm thinking
Of spending
Time with you


All by Lisa Christine Svenson