Being Too Much in Love

Being this much in love
Is like a bird
Soaring effortlessly
Through the skies.
But, this little bird
Can make mistakes,
And there are buildings up there.
I fear that our love,
Like the bird,
Will crash someday
And fall violently
Against the ground.
And be dead.
And if it should die,
And if people talk
About us,
They will remember
Not how good this feels,
But how
Tragically we ended.
They won't remember
The way we look at
Each other,
But more, the way
We look away.
And they'll never know how
Good I feel to be with you,
But how hearing
Your name will
Make me want
To scream.
I love you.
And like that bird in the sky,
I never want to crash.
Let's fly away together.
Away from the buildings
To where we are snug and safe,
And we can be forever this way.
...Shoot me first.



Tommy loved me.
Yes he did.
He gave me flowers
A couple of times.
He gave me kisses
Of the sweetest kind.
He brought me presents
From far-away lands.
He held me in his arms.
He held my hand.
I gave him my heart.
Yes I did.
Tommy left me
Alone one night.
I have never seen him
Since then...until tonight.
Tommy still loves me.
He told me so.
And now I don't know
What to do.
I gave Tommy my heart
A long time ago.
He gave me flowers
And kisses and presents.
He held me in his arms.
He held my hand.
Tommy said he left me
Because he loved me
Too much.
I laughed at him
And kissed him goodbye.




Someday we'll be together
And no one will keep us apart.
Someday we'll have our freedom
From everything else around.
But today we're not together.
I think we're too far apart.
Right now it's hard to travel,
Our lives get in the way
And we certainly don't have much freedom.
Some people just don't like that.
Today isn't the someday
I had hoped that it would be.

I know that someday
We will be together again.
Nothing will ever change that.
Someday I will wake up seeing your face
And go to sleep seeing the same,
Dreaming sweet dreams of the man beside me.
But right now, I feel unhappy
Because that someday isn't today.